Born in 1961 in Reus, though his infancy lives in Lleida´s Borjas Blancas. At the age of eleven it is hospitalized by the system of labor universities of the epoch of Franco in Valencia and later Tarragona. Living already in Reus in 1978 founded School initiates his artistic studies in newly Workshop of Art when still there were not giving official courses during the first three years, under the direction of Ramon Ferran and Rufino Mesa and the teachers´ guardianship as Joan Casals, Assumpta Rosés, Carles Amill, Jaume Sans and Amadeu Adell. Parallel he learns the technology of the oil in Pere Calderó´s study and a course of drawing to the nude in the Center of Reus´s Reading. In 1983 Saint George of Barcelona enters the Faculty of Fine arts, where only it realizes the first course. And from then it devotes itself to do intensely.

He has exhibited individually in Reus, Tarragona, Barcelona, Madrid, Zaragoza, Salou, Riudoms, Cambrils, Miami Playa, Mont-roig del Camp, Roda de Bará, Farena, … and collective in Encamp (Andorra), Los Angeles de California(USA), Torredembarra, Santa Coloma de Queralt, Termes de Montbrió, Medina del Campo (Valladolid), Lleida, Hospitalet del Infant, Riudecanyes, Mas Pujols, Ezcurdia (Gijón), and Vendrell,…

He is one of the founders and president of the Association of Artists Reusenca "ARA" since 2003 - 20013.


1985 In the " Prize Scholarship Baix Camp ", his work " The Pair ", once already selected and hung moved back for moral questions. Immediately after the echo that had in the mass  media, it returned to install.


1987 Finalist in the "IIIrd I Compete of Young Painting" in the Gallery For Anquin´s de Reus and finalist in the "VIIth Lounge Plastic Arts Baix Camp".


1988 Individual simultaneous exhibitions to the Polyvalent Center " The Factory " and to the Room of "The Caixa" in Reus.

        Individual exhibition in the "Cucurutxo" in Reus. And he takes part in the collective exhibition "Honoring to Federico García Lorca", in Granada.


1989 Individual exhibition in the Most excellent Deputation of Tarragona.


1991 In an attempt of approaching the public with an attainable art, realizes three exhibitions under the guardianship of " Poster Gallery " of Reus.   


1992 Personal exhibition in the Cultural Center " Tower Vella " of Salou with the title " The infinite, point of item to understand the Essence ".


1994 Takes part in a collective exhibition in the " XIVth Takes a break of the hazelnut " of Riudoms.


1997 "Music and Painting". Shed I of the Port of Tarragona, in a joint offer with the composer Conrad Setó.


1998 Fair of International Art ARTEXPO, Los Angeles of California (USA).


2001 Individual Exhibition in the Cultural Center Mont-roig del Camp´s "Església Vella".


2002 Realizes a great mural in the fishermen´s neighborhood of the Seraglio of Tarragona.

        Exhibition in the room "Blanquerna" of the Delegation of the Autonomous government of Catalonia in Madrid.


2003 Takes part in the beginning of the group (Association Artists´ Reusenca - "ARA") with two collective exhibitions: "Artistes per the Pau", "Abecedari of the erotica" and is nominated a president, post that occupies still in the current moment.             

        He realizes, great mural in the head-board of the "Roman Circus", heritage of the humanity.

        Exhibition personnels: "The cova of the aigua" in Salou, and "Gladiator" in Tarragona.


2004 Collective exhibitions: in Reus "Somnis"; in Valls "The Immigration"; in Andorra Encamp; Torredembarra; Mont-roig del Camp and Holy Coloma de Queralt.

        Personal exhibitions: Bar "Alice" (Reus), "InmoAragón" (Cambrils) and in the restaurant Brugent in Farena.        

        Collective exhibitions: in the Termes de Montbrió "artermes", in the Testamentary Palace of the Queen Isabel the Catholic one in Medina of the Field, Valladolid. 


2005 Collective exhibitions: in Tarragona to the Pati Jaume I; The Vicaría in Reus; Hospitalet del Infant; Centre Migjorn Reus; Sant Jaume´s Fair in Reus; Mont-roig´s Fair; Holiday Passeig Prim in Reus; " Honoring to Miro " in Mont-roig.

        Individual exhibition to Musulungo in Reus.


2006  Collective ARA: "party of the oil" in Riudecanyes; "The Modernism I dress for the artists of ARA" to the Palace Bofarull de Reus; Antiquarians´ Fair and Sant Jaime´s Fair in Reus; "Luz Mediterránea" in Miami Beach; House of culture "Antoni Gaudí" to Riudoms.

         Individual exhibition to the Bar "Deu n´hi Dó" in Reus.

         Individual exhibition to the room of the Club Nàutic de Salou.


2007  Individual exhibition in the XIVth Trades Antiquarians the VIIIth and the VIIIth Lounge of Reus´s Art.

         Collective Exhibitions "ARA": to Lleida´s Public Library; Museum of the Skin in Equalized; Montesquieu-Volvestre to the south of France; Sant Jaime´s Fair in Reus.

         Individual exhibition Gallery Nèlida of Segovia.

         Individual exhibition in "ARTZ art Zaragoza" in the Pilar Festivities of Zaragoza.


2008  Collective Exhibitions "ARA" in "Vicarious" room of the Friends´ Center of Reus; in The IXth Lounge of Art of Antiquarios de Reus´s Fair; in "Saint George" artists of the Center of Reus´s Reading; Sample to the Palace Bofarull de Reus.

          Individual exhibition Room The Rock Barà´s Foradada de Roda.

          Individual exhibition I Spread of Art Cincómonos, Barcelona.


2009  Individual qualified exhibition "Cosmic Essence " in the Center of Reus´s Reading.

         Exhibition join with Fina Veciana entitled "Enlaces" in the Four Room Museum of Art and History of Reus.

         Collective exhibitions:

          - X Lounge of Art Antiquarians and Fair of the disc in Reus.

          - It "ARA" in the Room Vicaría of the Center of the friends of Reus.

          - The IVth Contest of painting 09 Holy Week of Tarragona.

          - The IInd Exhibition Saint George 09 Center of Reus´s Reading.

          - ArtSalud in Costantí.

          - It "ARA" Maspujols´s Major Holiday.

          - It "ARA" Room Quatre of the Museum of Art and Tells the history of Reus

          - Ezcurdia On July - August 30 Gijon


2010  Collective exhibition "ARA in Vicarious Room of the Friends´ Center of Reus.

         Collective exhibition "ARA" in The Lira Vendrellenca.

         Individual exhibition "Esencia Cósmica" in the Roca Foradada (Roc de Sant Gaietà) in Roda de Barà, August. 

         Collective exhibition "ARA" in the Roca Foradada (Roc de Sant Gaietà) in Roda de Barà, September.

         Collective exhibition "Artiesteri" in the Four Room Museum of Art and History of Reus. 

         Collective exhbition in the "Solidarity market" in Center of Reus´s Reading, December.


2011 Collective exhbition "ARA" in the Roca Foradada (Roc de Sant Gaietà) in Roda de Barà.

        Collective exhbition "ARA" in "La Vintiquatrena" of Reus. 

        Collective exhibition "Transversal" in "Cal Massó" of Reus. 

        Individual exhibition "Art Còsmic" in the "Lonja" of Reus, July. 

        Collective exhibition "ARA" in the "Lonja" of Reus, August.

        Collective exhibition "ARA" in the "Lonja" of Reus, December.

2012 Collective exhibition in the Lounge Art & Antiques of Reus.

        Performance "La Falç ferralla" with Fina Veciana, Xavier Aluja, Agustench, and Gerard Valls.

        Collective exhibition "ARA" in the "Lluís Icart" room of Torredembarra. 

        Collective exhibition "Artiesteri" in the Four Room Museum of Art and History of Reus. 

        Collective exhibition "ARA" in the Civic Center "Migjorn" of Reus.

        Collective exhibition "ARA" in the "Lonja" of Reus.


2013   Collective exhibition ARA-ARTPROJECT  Bernet Gallery Barcelona

            "Spring art exhibition" CT Art Gallery Reus 

            Single in the Esbarjo Reus

             ARA the Old Sinks Casal Women

             ARA Civic Center Migjorn Reus

 2014   ARA Expo CRISI La Llotja of Reus  July 

            ARA Expo Nadal La Llotja of Reus


 2015  CT Gallery (Cori Torroja) of Reus ,January/February


 Numerous works in particular collections: Reus, Salou, Cambrils, Montblanc, Espluga de Francolí, Riudoms, Barcelona, Tarragona, Granada, Cantabria, Sabadell, Moià del Vallès, Mollerussa, Torredembarra, Montbrió del Camp, Farena, Was Laughing at Gaiá, Miami Platja, Landau in Germany, south Sant Romain him Cher in France, Segovia, Saragossa... This way like in official estates of The Caixa of Catalonia, Meeting of the Port of Tarragona and Salou´s Municipal Library.

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