Metaphysical and Cosmic Art

Cosmic Essentialism



It is our essence

which includes all that we are,

just as in the three-dimensional physical world

as with the multidimensional ether.




A basic thing of our essence to which we all belong, no matter what colour we are, is the direction and the frequency of our thoughts and of our acts which can be very powerful to create a better world.



To be a plastic artist

“To walk or to go a different way to majority, without renouncing being like others.

Romantic and warrior looking for utopia and a times defending loss causes.  Who wants to be an artist in a society saturated by image and in which whatever you do might goes unnoticed?. I think it is an excuse to be able to have your own pace of life and to be able at the same time to be yourself.  Even so, lacking many things, with balance and challenge and having other ways of doing and seeing the world.   Through the work of research, looking for contents that go further and bring something that is worth the effort”.


“No one obliges me to paint, nor to write, nor to say anything. I do it because a commitment with life, a commitment with myself to give ever more.”


“I paint nature, other dimensions, the ether, emotions, the spirit, the soul, sentiments, intuitions and whatever comes up.”

To understand all that happens to us, the reality we create around ourselves, that we want to happen, and how is our way of solving what comes up, what comes from us, the way of doing it, the intention, and the result we obtain.”


                The methodological process


“I like spot painting for itself. The one which comes up on its own even though it comes out of a projection of the method; it is the one which has taken me through unlimited roads, and through different feelings, understanding concepts like “the infinite”, places and ways where we can be ourselves”.

First:  with a process with water I make a dot almost automatically without reflection and very decisive, choosing the colours, the gesture, the movements to take out the waiting water in order to settle the pigments. Finally, to modify if necessary and let it dry.

The second process, now in the studio, begins with looking at the work to see what it expresses, what is said to me and what is demanding me.

I look at the work as many days as necessary until I find what resonates in me .... and if it is necessary  I add the necessary elements to enhance and finish the work.

It is a shamanic process with senses open to many possibilities, I follow my intuitions and I continue without fear assuming the risk of error.

Over time, I have found that the process is very meditated and I think it is very interesting and can please.  Even so, I only make the initial link with the observer, just with some images with some first visions and/or with some first ideas or thoughts.  The observer  is the one who arrives at their own conclusions.


 Luís Manuel  Sánchez Abelló


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There enter into a painting rational,
circumstantial, psychological and emotional variables.

The picture takes on true protagonism through
the observer´s individual, intimate reading.



AIn art, the most important thing is what is expressed,
the sensation given
by the vibration which is transmitted.



Image, colour, tone, sensation, intrigue, sympathy, emotion.
Seeking, finding, doubt, intuition, recognition.
         Vibration, connection, direction.
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As an artist I project ideas, evidence,

realities springing from the creative process,

from one extreme to the other, dualism, opposites,

the yin yang of things as an approach to work

attaining a unity as the adventure of life.



My sources are my life,

what I have seen and felt and discovered through painting

guided by nature

and painting only parts of her.
 I can give suggestive images,
                     not intentions.

        Each one knows his or her intention
                the image in a painting can help to see it.


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A world gives way to another.
Everything goes on.
It never ends.
Adapting in all places and at all times.
Each at his or her stage of development.



Mater Natura

Nature in all her grandeur and infinity


Natural laws

Generic conception of the Human Essenceater Natura


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Writing created to be shown at "Music and Painting" in Warehouse I at the Port of Tarragona, 1997
The aim of the artist is to offer basic instruments
                                         based on the senses
                                                        and purity of idea
                                                                                 to penetrate, to cross the wall
                                                                                                          of the being who is accustomed and closed,
                                                                                      who believes they know it all
                                                                                             and to reveal to them new sensations,
                                                                              open up new doors, new paths for them
                                                                         to give them new energy to carry on, to renew.,
               I only ask the observer to let themself be carried along purely by the senses, and simply find a work that says something to him or her, then think about why and finally arrive at his or her own ideas. Each observer - a different reading-.
I simply try, within my own limitations, to give to the observer ways to rediscovery, whatever they may be, as he or she enjoys the intimate experience of looking at the picture.
With a neutral, apolitical position, from as objective a point of view as possible. Subjective because sincere, for doing what I believe. In a cosmopolitan, universal, cosmic, Mediterranean, realist-idealist and natural spirit.
               For this reason I can understand both a believer and an agnostic,
                               an impressionable sensualist
                                         or a hedonist, by the pleasure of feeling (an Epicurean)
                                                          or a stoic-ascete, immovable anchorite,
                                                                                          imperturbable but also a philosopher.,
                              AFeed the soul of the individual, encourage.
                                                                                             Satisfy the intellect.
                                 In a physical, visual way,
                                                      through the senses as well as the emotions
                                                                                                          finally arriving at the answer,
                                                                                                                                  at knowledge,
                      "awareness", being aware of things,
                                     how far each one wants to go in their own, secret, interior world..
               My work focuses on very basic ideas, and though I might be called ingenuous, I believe they are fundamental pillars in order to be able to develop.
             The concept "INFINITE", infinite nature, Mother Nature, which is above all. It includes everything.
Wherein is included the essence of things, of each of the parts,
                          among them, our essence,
                                                                                      THE HUMAN ESSENCE. 
I have been immersed through my painting in the immensity of space, in other worlds, other dimensions.

I have entered the world of ideas, the pure essence of things, as real as the physical existence of matter.
I have managed to visualise the pure Human Essence, within Infinite Nature, our utility as a fundamental part, along with other essences.
Why extremes complement each other, antagonistic and attracted at the same time, where the only
explanation is that Nature "is what it is". 
Following this path, this wisdom, is difficult in itself, and even more difficult is attempting to capture it in words, at the risk of being found wanting. For this reason, it is better to see the paintings so that each one may enter into them in their own way, where Nature expresses itself, and I am but a mere instrument.
Sánchez Abelló



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